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Bodum Travel Mug 450ml - Off White

Bodum - 450ml Travel Mug - Off White Today's on-the-go lifestyle makes us miss out on our comforting daily routines far too often. Well, enjoying our favourite drink wherever we go is no longer on the list. The new Bodum Travel Mug Collection goes where you go in just the right size and just the right colour and material for all your endeavours. Let's drink to that


The mugs are absolutely spill-proof once the opening is closed all the way 

The flow of fluids can be adjusted with an easy turn of the screw within the lid

The Travel Mugs are made from plastic, rubber and silicone

Caution:   Please do always keep the mug upright 

Dishwasher safe


Material: Plastic, rubber and silicone

Colour: Off white

Dimensions: 11 x 11 x 27cm

Weight: 500g -

Item Type Coffee Mug

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