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Bodum Yo-Yo Set Mug+Tea Strainer 350ml -Chrome

  • Say goodbye to tea bags, enjoy your perfect cup of tea with the in style tea infuser YOYO.
  • Freely swirling tea leaves will release their full potential, like in a BODUM tea pot but on a smaller scale!
  • The tea infuser YOYO is a solution that is both, decorative and functional. With a lenght of 11.7 cm (4.6 inch), it fits into all BODUM mugs.
  • The perforated strainer ensures that leaves and kernels remain in the strainer.
  • The aroma of the tea fully evolves without having to deal with the nasty remains of tea leaves, so there is no need for screening the tea.
  • The lid has two purposes: if put upside-down onto the strainer, it keeps the water warm while the tea is brewing - if flipped after the brewing, it can be used as a saucer for the tea infuser.
  • Just leave the strainer in the saucer - maybe you feel like having a second tea.
  • If you feel like having a second cup of tea, then just leave the strainer in the saucer as you can easily re-use the tea leaves for more cups of tea.
  • The hole on top of the tea infuser allows for easy storage by just hanging it up.
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