Brands Roccat
Product Code: ROC-12-351-BK
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  • PRECISION KEY LAYOUT:  fingertip design improves key distinction and island layout resists dirt
  • CONFIGURABLE TUNING WHEEL & KEYS:  on-the-fly control for multimedia, illumination & more
  • MEMBRANICAL KEYS:  with precise midway travel actuation point
  • QUICK-FIRE MACROS:  low-profile keys that prevent accidental miss-hits
  • RGB ILLUMINATION:  configurable multicolor lighting with multiple zones
  • AIMO LIGHTING SYSTEM:  intelligent illumination harmonized across devices
  • IMPROVED ANTI-GHOSTING:  ensures every single key stroke is registered
  • DETACHABLE PALM REST:  ergonomic design comfortable for long gaming sessions
  • ROCCAT® SWARM:  comprehensive driver & software suite

Item Type Keyboard

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